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In 2011 we had a vision of what the future could hold. With the constant rise of different social media platforms and online stores, we saw the need for every business to be in a digital space to survive. This brought about us saying that we needed to Re-Evolve businesses. We knew that businesses could not survive in today's climate without an online presence. Our goal is to help our partnered businesses reach the masses. This came about while our founder, Ste'Fon Jacques', was networking with an international company. The thought sparked an idea that almost every business could go global, thus rEvolve industries was born with the intention to Re-Evolve the way we do business. 

rEvolve Industries  was founded by Ste'Fon Jacques' in 2012. Having just received a Bachellor of Arts in Mass Communications, Ste'Fon set out to help businesses not only create an online presence, but create brands that can stand the test of time. 

Our Story

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